Malone Scholars Program
School Selected in 2013

The following school was the recipient of a Malone Scholars Program endowment in 2013 and, therefore, offers Malone Scholarships annually:

Stanford University Online High School
220 Panama Street
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305
(650) 721-9400

The Stanford University Online High School (OHS) is an accredited, diploma-granting, independent school for gifted students in grades 7-12. The school creates a worldwide learning community of diverse, intellectually passionate students and teachers who come together in real-time, interactive, online seminars. OHS students are highly capable, intellectual risk takers, and/or engaged in significant pursuits beyond the classroom. OHS instructors are unparalleled in their expertise and have a passion for teaching these students in this environment. The school is located within Stanford University and is thus at the forefront of learning.

The mission of OHS is to provide a stimulating and challenging education that equips and inspires talented students for academic and professional success. Through advanced academic offerings and vibrant seminars, the school emphasizes the development of skills in written and oral communication, mastery of the principles of critical thinking and argumentation, and promotion of intellectual maturity and responsibility. Beginning at the earliest grades, this mission informs the academic program that OHS students pursue, in the content of its classes, the methods and media of instruction, and the composition of the required courses of study. Students are guided through their studies by instructors who are chosen for their expertise and accomplishment in their disciplines and their experience and dedication to teaching highly talented students at the high school and college levels. The School's supportive environment fosters independence, strength of character, and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

The flexibility of the OHS academic program and enrollment options, which include full-time, part-time, and single course enrollment, can accommodate the varied needs and interests of its students, who are placed in courses based on ability. The online instruction, which features seminar-style courses on a college-style class schedule, both encourages independence, discipline, and strong time-management skills and allows students to pursue their diverse interests and exceptional talents.

The strong community at OHS supports students in these academic pursuits. Students work closely with instructors, counselors, academic advisors, and college counselors to achieve their academic and personal goals. Beyond the classroom, students attend homeroom and assembly and engage in a rich array of collaborative extra-curricular activities – including over 30 clubs – that build on student interests and cultivate lasting relationships among students and teachers. An intensive residential summer program at Stanford University presents students with further opportunity to connect with each other and their instructors, while benefitting from the vast resources of Stanford University.


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